Other Voices Asking for Real Solutions

*And Sue, I wanted to convey to you how much you and what you do for the community means to [us] and our surrounding neighbors. I spoke with them the other night about some of the terrible things being said and we are shocked and saddened. If people only knew you personally and the amazing things you do to make our little neighborhood so amazing. I want so bad to retaliate on the forums, but I think that communicating anything with those posters is a waste of energy. They do not seem to be good people or capable of adding to the community in the ways the likes of yourself, Karen, Linda and the rest of the gang do. So, hats off to you. You have our respect and support.

*These are desperate times for people. Families are living in cars, and probably RVs. Dumping human waste from RVs cost money, and I bet that these folks can't afford the fee. The city should have some free dumping sites for people who are homeless. Sad, and it's going to get worse. Anyone who thinks that can't happen to them, just remember this....All that separates you from the homeless is just 1 paycheck; perhaps 2 at the most!

*RV's don't dump waste, people do. It is wrong to do a blanket condemnation of RV's or their residents for the actions of a few. This is part of a campaign by some vocal locals to get rid of all RVs and while the community is divided about it, the anti-RV people are always generating this kind of noise to lobby for stronger blanket prohibitions of overnight RV parking in general.

I'll allow that for many of those in the RV's, they've perhaps lost their homes and the RV IS their home. BUT, to dump waste ad hoc is lazy and selfish. Perhaps Venice should post locations where RV's CAN legally dump their poo and dirty water. Is there a location near by, or would they have to drive 20 miles? I dont' know (and maybe they don't know either). I doubt these people could afford hefty fines anyway; community service, absolutely! (like cleaning the beach, etc). But first, inform them of WHERE to dump the waste.

*first off. I am a resident of this zip code.
There are no residents at Rose and Third. The area where the RVs park is a side street that people only drive through. The entrances to the businesses are not even on this street. There is a Gold's Gym at one end and a movie studio on the rest of the block.
How about Gold's being a responsible neighbour and allowing use of the locker rooms for an hour a day after closing? (it can't be in the morning as this when the "celebrities" work out)
Sometimes I envy Cuba for housing rights.

*lower the cost of dumping waste !! and you won,t have this problem !! people are low on funds offer a free waste dumping day !! problem solved !!

*you want to fine homeless people? that's low.

*The homeless population in this country is made up of more than just "tweekers" and "criminals". Homelessness in the US is caused by a wide veriety of issues affecting society today. We should be asking ourselves how we can help these people live healthy and fullfild lives so they no longer need to live in there vehicles and poop on the street. 
It seems to me that most of the home owners in this case, could care less about what happins to the vagrants, they just want the police to take them away so that their proporty values don't drop. And so the people they don't give a crap about are crapping on their lawns.  

*Adding to this problem is the shortage of RV sites within Los Angeles County that will accept older RVs.  It would do much to rectify the city's housing shortage if they would establish a City subsidized RV park for indigent citizens.

*Given! we know that dumping raw sewage into gutters is a filthy, unsanitary action that has severe repercussions on the ocean because it drains into it.  But.... we also know that these people are homeless. 
Why doesn't Venice set up a sewage truck or whatever, that will suck the campers out once/week?  Put it in a discreet, unpopulated area & then the people, homeless as they are, can get rid of their sewage, avoid pooping in people's yards (a very barbaric regression) & smells, etc. will not hamper Venice.  The consideration & solution will not hurt Venice either.

*Trutanich is a joke as a City Attorney.  The sh/t hit the fan and it ended up in his face, that is why he has determined to file on the RV owner.
He abuses his position just like the Pothole King.

*Best idea yet is to have RV dump sites at sewage/waste water treatment plants whereby anyone can bring the ol' RV in and dump its bilge load for a nominal fee, say $5.  Nice and simple; problem solved.

*If this has been going on for years I would THINK the city would have already came up with a soloution & set up several RV disposal sites for these RV's. IM SURE THE CITY HAS MADE A LIL $$$ REVENUE FROM THE TOURIST & CAMPERS..... THAT THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE & SURELY PREVENT SEWAGE BEING DUMPED IN THE GUTTER.....

*More money will be spent and has already been spent on this one incident than it would take to put in a free dump for the people who live in the RVs. How stuiped can you get, when some pencil neck attorney gets involed ya just cant even start to guess.
Every city should be mamdated to install free RV dumps.