Sunday, June 9, 2013



Long Beach City Council CHAMBERS
333 W. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Just Say No to OPD!


Thursday bus and rideshare hotline: (310) 845-6034 

The Commission meets at 8:30am.  Though our item is 10a on the agenda - which would normally put it at mid-day, we have reason to believe that the City will ask to move the hearing to a morning time.

We must arrive early.  We will meet at Beyond Baroque Thursday at 7:00am.  Don't miss your ride!

Your outpouring of support is both overwhelming and universally positive, with flyers, letters and more petitions.  New support also came from #KeepVeniceFree, a group that understands the need to work for solutions instead of restrictions.

Can you join us?  If so, and/or if you know folks who can join us Thursday:

How many people will you bring?
Do you need a ride?
Can you give a ride?  For how many?
If we have a bus to the meeting, would you ride it?

We must know by Monday night how many people are confirmed to attend Thursday's hearing.  Let us know:  I'm coming to Thursday's hearing.


We need to keep sending letters:

Email to us and we'll fax them to the Coastal Commission.  

Fax them directly to the Commission:  FAX (562) 590-5084.   Use the heading:  NO OPD FOR VENICE.

Hand-carry your letter - or have a Long Beach friend print and deliver it to:

California Coastal Commission
200 Oceangate, Tenth floor 
Long Beach, CA 90802-4416 
Attn:  Chuck Posner

Your message can be as simple as "I oppose the Overnight Parking District in Venice" or you can add your own reasons for opposing OPD.

Forward this page to friends and neighbors.  Urge them to send an email or letter to the Coastal Commission as well.

Download the flyers and pass them on to your neighbors:  
 Support the cause:  Select the PayPal link or send a check to help with legal fees:  Venice Action Alliance, 1234 Preston Way, Venice, CA 90291.

Thank you for your support.  With your help, we will defeat the attempt to restrict Coastal Venice parking!

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