Tuesday, May 28, 2013



As part of third lawsuit settlement, the Coastal Commission will be hearing another application for an OPD (Overnight Parking District) in the Venice Coastal Zone. Please join us in keeping Venice Beach open and accessible to everyone - all the time.

Actions you can do now:

1. Email the Coastal Commission and tell them your displeasure that the OPD is being considered again and you hope they will again deny it as they did in 2009 and 2010. Email Coastal Commission.
Feel free to use any of the points below and of course, or write your letter.

Dear California Coastal Commissioners,

  • Overnight Parking Districts are not good for Venice. They create a needless headache and expense for residents without solving any of our real parking problems.  This is not about anyone having trouble finding a parking space. This is about an ongoing effort to reshape Venice into an elite enclave.
  • Like most Venetians, I chose to live here largely because of its exceptional openness and diversity for a beach community. Please do not cater to those few who see in an OPD the opportunity to restrict access to our beachside neighborhoods.
  • Please protect Venice for all of us who love it because it is Venice, not in spite of it. Abbot Kinney, Venice's founder, called it "the People's Beach." We like it that way, and we think it's worth protecting. It's been the source of Venice's creative energy for over a century.
  • Please honor Section 30001.5 (b) of the California Coastal Act, which states that one of the "basic goals of the state for the coastal zone is to "Maximize public access to and along the coast and maximize public recreational opportunities in the coastal zone."
  • Please protect Venice's special social chemistry, which makes it a "Sensitive coastal resource area" as defined by California Coastal Act, Section 30116: (e) Special communities or neighborhoods which are significant visitor destination areas. (f) Areas that provide existing coastal housing or recreational opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons.
Please protect the Venice we love.

Yours truly,
[Your name, address]

2. Print out these flyers and distribute them to friends and neighbors. Ask them to act now too.
    One-Page fact Sheet : the facts on why Coastal Commission should not approve the OPD for Venice.
     Warning Ticket : flyer telling us what will happen if you don't have permit displayed; information on Rally and Hearing.
3. Forward these flyers to your email friends. Hand out to your neighbors.
4. Rally! on June 1. Beyond Baroque 2-5pm.

Unless our Voices are heard, the Coastal Commission is likely to pass the Overnight Parking District (OPD) for all of Venice west of Lincoln Boulevard.

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