Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The thinking behind these measures turned Santa Monica into Orange County - New York City into New Jersey. Don't let it happen to Venice. There is only one way to have a vital progressive community and that is to preserve opportunities for people at all economic levels. Poor people and even those living on the edge of the law make a contribution to maintaining a sustainable economy. Realtors take note - it's the pot shops (not the economically unstable boutiques) that have been keeping the commercial real estate market in Venice healthy. We may not like it but shady characters have their place in keeping Venice from becoming Irvine.

For all the newly bourgeois artists out there... remember we owe a debt to the dirty freaky characters of Venice. The very people the new parking laws are seeking to eliminate. They helped to keep the squares out of our neighborhoods and kept Venice a place we could live and work. When the freaks, gangsters and the lower income families (that kept the peaceful balance) got kicked out by "reformers" or got priced out by greed so did we. Many of us had to move to the east side to get cheaper rents. The ones who have managed to stay have to be careful. Get rid of all the "undesirables" and you will kill the economic opportunities for people who want to start interesting things in Venice. A certain amount of shit creates fertile ground for ideas. Don't forget that.

Meg Cranston
(Meg is a world-reknowned artist who lived and worked in Venice for many years)

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